About Shruti

Hello! I am a rising sophomore in Lexington, MA and do Public Forum on the high school debate team. In my freshman year, I attended several tournaments and ended them with winning records and qualified for the Massachusetts invitational state tournament in March. I have also attended debate camps in Lexington over the past two years. Aside from debate, I’m passionate about human rights activism, community service, and dabbling in ping pong. I love traveling, spending time with family and friends, and being outside!

Why debate?

While reflecting back on my freshman year, I realized how much importance debate held. The activity changed and inspired me in a lot of ways, from my career choice to my personality. Debate was something I never imagined myself doing prior to high school but I fell in love with the adrenaline rush before a round and the hours of late night research, and not more than a week into quarantine, I had plans to start a debate camp for younger kids. 

There are countless studies out there about the benefits of doing speaking/argumentative activities, including confidence, refined research skills, general knowledge about the world, critical thinking abilities, etc etc. With IgniteSD, my goal is to inspire young students and introduce them to the fundamentals of argumentation and most importantly, IGNITE a love and appreciation for the power their voice holds.

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